What to expect on the first visit

  • At Heritage Chiropractic we will do a very thorough orthopedic and neurological exam. This includes testing, palpations (touching the spine), and may include X-rays. Once this is finished Dr. Leonard will explain completely what's going on and what is causing your problem.
  • We will discuss solutions to your problem, including nutrition, exercises, stretching and of course chiropractic treatments.
  • A typical treatment will usually begin with some moist heat, lots of soft tissue muscle stretching, electrical muscle stimulation, followed by gentle rolling traction, and ends with a chiropractic adjustment and massage.
  • Later on, other therapies might include Acupuncture, Cold Laser treatments, Ultrasound, Myofacial release, & Spinal Decompression.
  • During the course of treatments you will be given exercise sheets and recommendations for nutrition and lifestyle changes.
  • The big difference at Heritage is that we address both the soft tissue and the bones. You can be adjusted all day long and unless you deal with the muscle spasms and soft tissue---the treatment will not last as long.